• 子公司/事业部:KS集团平台
  • 所属部门:总裁办公室
  • 工作地点:北京
  • 发布时间:2013-04-02
  • 岗位类别:职能
  • 招聘人数:1人
  • 岗位职责:
    1.Coordinating the preparation and release of annual, half-yearly and quarter financial reports and announcements;
    2.Drafting interim and annual report, including but not limited to Director’s Report and Corporate Governance Report;
    3.Drafting shareholders meeting materials, including but not limited to circular and meeting notice;
    4.Handling information disclosure according to Hong Kong and Cayman regulations, including but not limited to compliance with rules relating to connected transactions;
    5.Complying with applicable laws and regulations, such as Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Rules and SFO;
    6.Handling all statutory filings required by Hong Kong and Cayman regulators;
    7.Acting as contacting point with the Hong Kong and Cayman regulators;
    8.Organizing Board meetings, Board committees’ meetings and shareholders’ meetings, drafting and preparing meeting materials and meeting minutes;
    9.Keeping accurate and complete record of the Board and shareholders;
    10.Handling all matters between the Company and its shareholders;
    11.Handling investor relationship functions;
    12.Having the initiative to take up other adhoc jobs dedicated by the manager from time to time.
  • 任职要求:
    1.Proficient in MS Office software, particularly good skills in PowerPoint is a must;
    2.Bachelor's degree and English Major will be highly preferred;
    3.Good command of oral and written English, and CET-6 is a must;
    4.Professional attitude, capable of handling different tasks at the same time;
    5.A quick learner and good interpersonal skills;
    6.High integrity - a Can do Attitude, and willing to take on more responsibilities;
    7.A well organized person with an eye for details and able to work independently;
    8.A great team player;
    9.Over two years’ relevant experience is necessary.
    Note: Please do indicate your expectation of might salary in your CV, otherwise your application will not be processed. If you don’t hear from the recruiting company within 1 month after you send out your application, please take it as the company has filled the vacancy.
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